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1/21/02  - New pictures!!
Barbara Wortman, Lyn Christian, Doris Barr, Jane Tutton, Arlene McGarrahan & Linda Gardner sent pictures of clocks they made using my designs. They are just gorgeous!  

Several people have sent me pictures of their finished clocks and designs and I wanted to show them to everyone!  I also have a few projects & designs I wanted to share! It will take me a little while to get all the pictures up so be patient!!

Barbara Wortman stitched her Apple clock on darker material, looks very stunning! Thanks for sharing! Lyn Christian stitched the Kokopelli Clock using the colors to match her kitchen wall paper!  Very nice Lyn!

1/14/02 Linda Gardner made the Rose Clock after I enlarged it to fit a 9" face for her.  She put it in this gorgeous clock as a gift for Christmas!  Great job Linda! Well, Arlene McGarrahan has done it again!  What a wonderful background material she used! 

1/14/02 Arlene McGarrahan made this cute Baby Boy clock - great job Arlene, thanks for sending me a picture! 1/14/02 Jane Tutton stitched out the Light House clocks twice! Very nice job Jane!

1/14/02 Angel clock by Doris Barr - she used braided cording around the inside edges of the clock.
Just stunning Doris!
1/14/02 Another clock by Doris - great job!!

Rosemary Tien stitched the Apple Clock and sent me a picture!  Great job Rosemary!! Linda Dryer stitched the Angel clock and used green instead of blue and it looks just fabulous!  Thanks for sending the picture Linda!!

I put my Light House picture on the back of a vest.  Thought it turned out very nice. Doris Sammoms stitched out the Bed & Bath Clock and added their names to it.  Very lovely Doris!!

This is a denim shirt I put the Tulip Shirt Ensemble designs on.
I thought it turned out really cute if I say so myself!!
Leaf Buttonholes that I put on the back of a pillow I made for my daughter on her 16th birthday. (Available on freebie page)

Colleen Krueger stitched the Light House Clock design on material with clouds & water already printed on it. I just love it! She also used a frame with a nautical rope design on it and added hooks for keys to make it functional as well.  Great job Colleen!! Linda Dryer stitched the Wedding Clock to give as a a wedding gift - didn't it turn out really great?  I love the colors she used in the design. Thanks for sharing Linda!

Ann Parker made this Baby Girl clock and used pastel colors, doesn't it look good? Very pretty Ann! The Rose Clock was sewn by Kathleen McElveen who took it to her monthly sewing club to give at a gift exchange. She said the person who received it just loved it!  Thanks for sending me this picture Kathleen!!

This Light House Clock was sewn by a fellow digitizer, Linda Dryer. She used material that had clouds on it - I think it looks fabulous! Thanks Linda for sending me a picture of your clock. Linda has her own web site with over 90 designs sets. The link to her site is on my Links page if you want to visit her site! This shirt was stitched by Jean Peitrangelo using the Birdhouses design on the Singles page.  Thanks Jean, for sending me a picture of your shirt!  Great job!!