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Designs are in available .pcs. pes, .hus & .art  formats only. Click on picture to see enlarged view of the  design. Click on the file name to download.
Note: The plain clock face was only available for a limited time and is no longer available.

BirdHouseBhole.jpg (16778 bytes)

1"W x 2.5H
(art, hus, pes, pcs)


4.4W x 1.8H
(art, hus, pes, pcs)

Heart Ribbon.jpg (30257 bytes)

Patrioticbholes.jpg (42108 bytes)

Heart Ribbon -Tribute
1.5W x 3H
(art, hus, pes, pcs) for 4X4 hoop
(art, hus, pes, pcs) too large for 4X4
(art, hus, pes) for 5X7 hoop or larger
Heart Ribbon.txt

Patriotic Buttonhole & Placket Designs 
~1"W x 2"H
The placket designs are to be centered in between existing buttonholes on the shirt placket.
(art, jus, pes, pcs)
Heart Ribbon
(art, jus, pes, pcs)

Stencilroses.jpg (71286 bytes)

Ivyleaves.jpg (43058 bytes)

smleafbhole.jpg (11926 bytes)
75 file: 3/4" button
88 file: 7/8" button
1 file: 1" button
125 file: 1 1/4" button
(all sizes included in zip)

StrawJam2.jpg (46533 bytes)

GrapeJam.jpg (25784 bytes)

Baby Carriage.jpg (99032 bytes)



gladiola.jpg (48437 bytes)

stencbow.jpg (40582 bytes)

Warriors.jpg (78720 bytes) *
See note at bottom of this page.

petunia.jpg (56164 bytes)

rosebow.jpg (44540 bytes)

rosesbow.jpg (43692 bytes)

Cheer1.jpg (45819 bytes)

Cheer2.jpg (43159 bytes)

Cheer3.jpg (42242 bytes)

NewGrape.jpg (47261 bytes)

Flowrenvlop.jpg (84163 bytes)
(applique design)

*I digitized the Warriors For Christ design for my sister and her husband when I was first learning to digitize so there are a few extra jump stitches in the design but it sews out well in spite of it.  Hope you like it as much as they did!