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See what my customers are saying about my designs!!

 I'm the one that recently bought the daisy clock design.  Just want to let you know it stitched out beautiful.  As a matter of fact so beautiful that when I took it to my dealer to show her she wanted to buy it.  So now here I am again without my beloved clock.  But not for long!  Picked up another clock on the way home and soon will be stitching another one. I really enjoyed watching the design stitch out it was almost like a digitizing lesson in itself.  Just thought you'd like to know how great your design is.  Gayle Faraday

Hi Sherry - Just wanted to write to tell you I did get the round daisy clock finished and it was a beautiful digitizing project.  I have it ready for my project to share at the Georgia Gathering.  I put your url for the project on my project sheet -- Hope it may bring you more orders <G>... Thank you for getting it to me in time to stitch
before leaving.  Carol C

Hi Sherry,
Just wanted you to know that the clock turned out beautiful.  The stitch out was great and it went together easily.  I now have the desire to do some more so you will be hearing from me soon. Marge in MN.

Hi-Here's the addy for Sherry Titzer's embroidered clocks:
I've done both her round Baby Boy and Baby Girl clock designs. They sew out beautifully. The clocks are fast & easy to make. Sherry's work is wonderful & a joy to sew out. I don't think she even knows what a jump stitch is!!!  Arlene in RI

Sherry, I am so impressed with the completed butterfly clock and your digitizing - it is so very nice, few jumps, nice texture, no puckering, etc. In other words, your work is perfect and I appreciate all the effort you made to provide this design for us.  Next step is to do the clock with the dove.  A couple of friends saw it today and were most impressed.  Eleanor

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think the clock designs I ordered from you are!  They stitch out really great.  You have put a lot of detail into your work and it shows.  I am very pleased with my order and have made six clocks so far. Thank-you again for your wonderful work!!!  Gina McCracken

Sherry I can't tell you how happy I am with the daisy clock.  You are a very
talented lady to be able to have this stitch out so perfectly!  I do appreciate the extra time you took to do the split hoop thing.  It was an exciting experience for me to do my first split design.  Your instructions were marvelous! Martina Flynn

I have been having sew much fun "testing" your perfect button hole designs.   They are beautiful and perfect!!!!  I am sew grateful to the person who put your site on the Deco list.  I can't believe I haven't heard of you before!!! You belong in the
same category as Elsa, Faeb, Eurika, etc.   and of course Martha Pullen!!!!!!   You will soon be getting an order from me.  Thanks again for your perfect designs.

Hi Sherry, I got the disk in the mail today. Let me tell you, I've stitched out five of the clocks so far, only one more to go. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the quality of your designs. Your color choices are absolutely gorgeous. I tried stabilizer I had here and wasn't pleased with it. Went and got a couple yards of what you recommended and was a happy camper. You do everything but put the design in the clocks. I enjoy watching your designs stitch out. Will be watching for new and exciting designs. Thanks, Pat DiVirgilio

Thank you for sending the round rose clock designs and then the updated version.  I like the quality of your work.  I was in a Bernina dealership today and the owner and I were discussing that so many of the smaller digitizers do far superior work compared to some of the big companies. Look forward to what you still have on the drawing board.  Donna Pierson

Hi Sherry,
I just wanted to tell you I have made 4 of the 5 clocks designs that I ordered from you.  I am so pleased with all . I haven't done the sewing clock and the applique on the sunflower but the other sunflower turned out so well that I don't know how much cuter the other one could be.  I want to get the other two made but need to do some other things first.  Just a real satisfied customer. Your sewing friend.
Bobbie Hollimon

      I'm so very impressed with your workmanship on this design.  I don't know when I've been this happy with a design.  I did have to change it into a frame picture because my lettering would not fit into the allotted space.  This is fine with me as I love the design.  The dove dimension is outstanding with the different stitches.  You should be very proud as you are a very talented designer. Thanks so much for trusting me and your check was mailed this afternoon.  Thanks again I love it!!!! 

Sorry I was late with the reply but I wanted to wait until I had stitched out the light house.  The down load did fine and the design is just perfect.  I especially like the way you design with so few jumps.  I love my light house clock.  Thanks for being so creative and for sharing your talent.  Judy Davis

Sherry's clock designs sew out beautifully. I love her clocks. I bought an 11 by 14 inch frame and an 8 by 10 matt to go on the clocks that I did. She has pictures of them on her project page. The pictures do not do her clocks justice. She is a great digitizer. Sherry, the new large clock is beautiful. Thanks for the free grape jam design. It is really cute.  Linda Dryer